Sunday, August 24, 2008

We are the Machine / The Machine Is Us

So I found a really interesting video some time ago, and I occasionally revisit it because its extremely fascinating. It goes into how the Web, or specifically the "Web 2.0" is changing humanity. The amount of information, all that we put of our lives on the Internet. All of this is revolutionizing our society, indeed our very civilization. The Internet already has an enormous influence on our societies, and in time we will find that those who are currently in control will be very eager to limit the free flow of information. It is revolutionizing how we think about government, society, culture, art, boundaries. It is changing the landscape of human interaction, of human evolution.

You can watch it here:

Quantum Vibrations

"Hear the songs of creation,
From which life comes to fruition.
The quantum melodies which calm the mind,
Where answers you seek you will find
The ancient words of yore
Which vibrate forever more
In that prison where the spirit dwells
And where the waves of chaos swells
Wisdom which the atoms hold
The inner mind which shatters the mold
The divine song shall resound
Once the inner self has been found."

Been awhile since I've posted any poetry, came up with this while doing laundry and reading. Hope you enjoy.